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I take time to understand how your business functions. I will learn about the parts of your business that just aren't working for you.


I create a plan customized to your particular challenges to create new processes that will help you have more time, feel more confident in your business and accomplish your goals.


My areas of specialty are: 



physical and electronic spaces and systems to streamline your business process

Filing systems

Email management

Client interaction and information

To Do lists / Calendar

Time management

Record keeping

Employee communication



identify tasks and projects that can be given to your staff or me and my team

Identify tasks you could take off your plate

Assign work to available employees

Define employee roles and expectations

Utilize my assistance if no employees are available

Streamline delegated tasks to increase efficiency



reduce redundancy by refining process efficiency to only include what's necessary.

Client management systems

Sales processes

Initial interaction with customers

Physical office spaces and filing systems

Record keeping

Data Entry

Recurring Tasks


Process improvement

Paper to electronic system conversion

Reduction of time and steps spent on consistent systems



reduce redundancy by refining process efficiency to only include what's necessary.

Can I help YOUR business?

The short answer? Probably!

Are you hiring new employees and need a streamlined, consistent method of training and bringing them up to speed?
Are you stretched way too thin trying to get everything done?


Do you need a hands-off way to on-board your new clients?
Can you identify one process that you could delegate? 
Are you in a place of transition with your business?


How about another option?

I created a questionnaire to identify ways I can help your business

Have something else weighing you down?

Tell me how I can help you! 

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Grand Junction, Colorado

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